Thursday, May 1, 2008


Standing out on Nymph Lake
This is a place where I'll post some of the images I take on a daily basis while out and about. Places I pass by on my way to and from work. Places I go shopping. Places I go specifically to take photographs.

At left is me snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park, standing out on frozen Nymph Lake. During the weekdays I work for the U.S. Forest Service and I'm a part time portrait photographer running Solley Photography.

I live in the foothills just outside of Fort Collins in northern Colorado. Poudre Canyon and the Cache La Poudre River are what I call home. I love it here. I moved here from Austin, Texas just five months ago and couldn't miss it any less, especially the heat!

If you'd like to see my main blog where you can learn to take people photographs like a pro, check out Sublime Light. Otherwise, enjoy the photos.

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