Friday, October 3, 2008

Gold Rush Time

I'm excited to be making plans to head into Rocky Mountain National Park tomorrow. I've been meaning to head into the park to view and photograph the "Gold Rush". At this time of year, all the aspen trees are bright gold before losing their leaves.

Life keeps getting in the way though, and this is my last chance to see and photograph the trees before the leaves fall and the snow starts dumping in a few weeks.

The shot above was taken in the park one year ago this week. We were here on an exploration trip, deciding whether we wanted to move here from Texas or not. A year later, we're glad we did.


rob jaudon said...


I am with you..just having moved here from STL in June. I made my last trip in the mountains last weekend and probably won't be going back up until snow falls.
Look forward to the winter photos and hope all is well.


Canon Blogger said...

Not made time myself yet to get out into the mountains, which is kind of sad, but will get there eventually...looking forward to the shots of the Aspen!