Friday, May 15, 2009

Edradour Distillery

This is Scotland's smallest whisky distillery. There are three employees and they only make one barrel of whisky per week. To put this into perspective, Glenlivet distillery produces that barrel in just a few minutes.

However, these guys do it with gusto, and produce what I believe to be the finest Scotch whisky in Scotland. I plan to do MUCH more research on this though. You know, so that a can know what I'm talking about *wink*.

As an aside, I found on my tour of Scotland that nearly all the distilleries were in far out locations and were surrounded by lots of natural beauty. This is because Scotland went through a period of prohibition, and the only distilleries that survived were hidden, tucked deep into the countryside. You can see from this photo that they ended up in some beautiful locations.

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