Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dream Lake 2: For Jim (365,000 Words)

Jim(365,000 Words) left a comment on my last Dream Lake photo saying he wished there was more of the foreground in the shot.

Well Jim, here you go. This ice I'm standing on in this shot is a frozen small stream that continues on down the mountain from Dream Lake (about 50 feet in front of the camera). It froze in place, with ripples and all. It was just begging to be a strong foreground element.

I only wish I'd had a wider lens that day, so that I could have done this shot in a landscape orientation.

By the way, now that summer is here, I plan to go back and get this same series of shots in a different season, though the mountains above are still under snow.

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Jim (365,000words) said...

Sorry that I am just discovering this now as you posted it a good six months ago. (Don't even ask me how I discovered this.) But it's impressive with the ice. Not sure which version I like better... but both are definitely captures of a stunning setting.