Wednesday, June 25, 2008


A pivot, farm irrigation equipment. Across from Ted's Place north of Fort Collins, Colorado.

I pass by this field every day on my way to and from home. This pivot irrigates the field in a circular pattern, with the center of the circle at the furthest side of the photo.

For weeks I've been waiting until two conditions were met to take this photo. 1) The water had to be turned on. 2) The pivot had to be positioned just right so I could actually get into a position to take the shot. It was worth the me at least.


ROB said...

Two weeks, definately more patient than me. And you are correct, it was worth the wait. Excellent framing, and exposure.

Tim Solley said...

Thanks Rob! I should clarify that when I said "Wait", I meant "Stop every day and get a photo anyway, just not coming away with the one I wanted." Lucky for me it's on my drive home, or I'd have probably settled.