Thursday, August 21, 2008


Not so much a photowalking photo, but a photo in Colorado nonetheless.

I took the photos of all 30 of Anadarko Industries' employees in Fort Collins, CO. Taken at the Hilton on Prospect.

Those around Fort Collins have probably seen this guy. He wears a kilt every day. With a purple shirt on some days it seems.

Canon 430EX in a translucent umbrella to camera right. Gold reflector to camera left to warm things up. Vivitar 285HV camera left, up high, and scraping down that back wall to add a little something interesting.

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Canon Blogger said...

Okay, are you Photowalking Colorado, or Mr. Colorado Strobist? What was all that flash stuff? I understood about half of that - what's scraping?

Oh, by the way....nice shot! :)